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Kim was a professional makeup artist in the television & media industry for over 20 years working in Los Angeles, New York, and Phoenix, and that became her home.
After taking a break and having children, she felt there had to be something more, something bigger to bring her peace and connection. Thats when Yoga Nidra and
Kundalini Yoga fell in her lap and changed her life overnight. Sound completely changed and transformed her life in every way, and now works with private clients and large
groups, to work with these tools of transformation throughout the country to help others see their true connection to themselves and awaken.

Kim is a Holistic Practitioner certified in many different modalities,
with the most passion going into Vibrational Sound, working with her Alchemy Crystal Bowls and gongs.
She is a Certified Amrit Method Yoga Nidra Facilitator, Reiki Master,
200-hour RYT, and a Kundalini Yoga Teacher, currently working on Level 2.

Pam took her first class in Tai Chi when she was in her 30s and had an immediate resonance with it. She went on to study Healing Qigong, Tui Na and the Five Elements from Joel Seigneur at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts. Her daily practice of Healing Qigong has provided balance to her current work as an engineer in the high tech industry and changed the direction of her life.

Pam's classes incorporate Healing Qigong and during tea time, she discusses the 'why' behind the Qigong that relates the practices to health. Although there are many aspects to health, she believes it is the heart and the love that resides in the heart that provides the true healing.

Danny is 66 years old and a recovering addict with 29 years clean. He is a combat Vietnam Veteran who served proudly in the United States Marine Corps from 1968 to 1970 with 13 of those months in Southeast Asia. He suffers from PTSD and fought this demon for more than 40 years. Over these years fighting PTSD he has tried counseling, psychiatry, and hypnoses which have helped to some degree. Then about 4 1/2 years ago he started a practice of meditation which changed his life. At first he was skeptical, wondering how by just closing one's eyes and breathing, that this could help. When asked, he will tell you that meditating takes him to a different world where he can let go of the lies the ego tells him so he can find his true spirit. Like anything else, this takes practice and doesn't happen overnight. Danny is now taking the meditation course Palouse Mindfulness, a mindfulness-based stress reduction course to further his journey in learning and getting his certificate.
Jeanene, Satjeet Kaur (her spiritual name), or as her students refer to her, “Yogini Jeanie" holds a 200 hr. yoga certification in Hatha from At One Yoga and a 200 hr. in Kundalini from Yoga Phoenix as well as a 500 hr. advanced yoga certification in Astanga from Dave’s Astanga Yoga. She has completed the Kundalini Level 2 Mind and Meditation module and will be participating in the Conscience Communication module in the Fall of 2015.

Enjoying and believing in the therapeutic effects of many different types of healing modalities, Jeanene went on to be trained in playing the Symphonic Gong, is a Reiki 3 (healing through the hands) certified healer, learned to play the Crystal Bowls through Ronee Kipnes and Tryshe Devheney and trained with Steve Price in Yoga Nidra (guided meditation into the deepest state of awareness). She will be attending Kamini Desai’s 100 hour Yoga Nidra training in January/February of 2016.

Jeanene is frequent a contributor to adult teacher training programs and brings over 25 years of experience in training teachers to teach kid’s yoga through her unique kid’s teacher training program, Fitness Fusion For Kids. You can find out more on her website at www.yoginijeanie.com.

Her current teaching schedule includes hot yoga, yin/restorative, Kundalini, kid’s yoga, yoga nidra and she plays the Gong/Crystal Bowls in many of her classes.

“Mindfulness means bringing our full, relaxed yet purposeful attention to each present moment. There is a deeper feeling of presence through immense love, joy, peace, beauty and harmony when we have this mindful connection in our lives.”


Jere Friedman, J.D., M.A., CMMI, is an Employee of the Universe – with full benefits! Jere is a Soul Centered Professional Coach, a practicing attorney, and a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Instructor. Jere also holds a Masters’ degree in Spiritual Psychology, is a certified Breathwork Healer, and is considered one of the foremost gong players in the world. Jere’s life work is to contribute to the evolution of consciousness on Planet Earth by supporting others in finding their own way to joy, fulfillment, and inner peace through Spiritual Psychology, meditation and mindfulness, and sound healing. Jere has personally experienced the transformational rewards of reduced stress, increased inner peace and calm, enhanced relationships, improved focus and efficiency, heightened intuition, and living a more authentic life that become available when a person makes a commitment to reclaim his or her birthright through study and meditation. Visit www.jerefriedman.com and www.gong2heaven.com for more information.

“As an attorney, I have experienced – and overcome – tremendous stress and burnout and I’ve witnessed many of my colleagues struggling with similar issues. For me, the real benefits of meditation come in the 23½ hours of the day that I’m not ‘sitting on the cushion.’ I am much more peaceful inside, more loving and compassionate with myself and others, and more focused on what is present in my life. And, when stressful things do come up, I’m better able to remain centered and respond to the situation instead of reacting.”

Born in Moscow, Russia, Yuri started practicing Qi Gong at age 15, learning from various Chinese teachers and mindfulness meditation from Buddhist monks. Since 1991, he has been a certified instructor of this ancient healing art. From 2011 – 2014, he led the Qi Gong Program at the Wellspring Cancer Support Center in Toronto.
Now living in Scottsdale, Yuri is eager to spread the benefits of Qi Gong, assisting individuals and groups.
Janet Rae Humphrey, C-IAYT, E-RYT

Janet walked into a yoga class at the age of 58 after a lifetime of medical issues, including a lumbar fusion, six knee surgeries, fibromyalgia and three neurosurgeries, followed by life-threatening infections, severe pain, muscular weakness and scoliosis. Through her yoga practice, Janet grew stronger and more flexible, and her health improved dramatically. Yoga helped resolve her fibromyalgia and complications from numerous surgeries and improved her scoliosis significantly. Her greatest pleasure is watching her students improve their strength, flexibility, mobility, endurance, self-image, and peace of mind. Janet also uses her 20-year experience in medical research and care to bring a holistic approach to her classes.

The International Association of Yoga Therapists certified Janet as a yoga therapist in August 2017. This certification reflects over 1,000 hours of yoga training with experts from coast to coast and over 3,000 hours of teaching experience. She is also Certified in Integrative Yoga for Seniors and Yoga for Healthy Aging. She brings a wealth of knowledge to her classes, joy and healing methods. Janet is author of the book, Age Without Limits – Over 200 Chair and Standing Yoga Poses for Seniors and the Health Challenged.

I was a stay at home mom to 3 beautiful children, and married to a busy ENT surgeon. My life revolved around carpools, meals, laundry and volunteering at their respective schools until suddenly - they all had their own lives, and before I knew it, they were all on their way out of the house. I felt overwhelmed with sadness of time gone by, yet the only real record I had of these past 24 years were pictures and videos. My recollection of things were scattered and took on a dream-like quality. My world was whizzing past me at an incredible rate of speed, and I couldn’t stop it. The more I tried, the dizzier I became. I wanted so badly for someone to hold out their arms and lift me up so that I could get a better view... and now I realize I’m not alone.

Our minds play such an important role in our everyday lives, yet we don’t seem to notice what’s going on around us. Because such a huge portion of our lives is spent inside our own heads, we don’t notice time going by. I wanted to learn how to appreciate every moment - that’s when I started researching Mindfulness Meditation and understanding its benefits. Learning how to just take a moment for myself wasn’t easy, and there are times when it still isn’t. But the difference it’s made in my awareness of myself and the world around me has been amazing. As a person who suffered frequent panic attacks, realizing that I had the ability to not only control them, but stop them in their tracks, was so incredibly freeing - it was a feeling I couldn’t wait to share with others.

I received my Certification for Meditation Instruction through the University of Holistic Theology, and Advanced Yoga Nidra Certification through the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts/Amrit Yoga Institute. I also LOVE the benefits of Sound Healing, and have recently completed the first in a series of Gong and Singing Bowl workshops.

I want you to know that YOU have the ultimate power to heal yourself, to slow your life down by taking a moment to breathe, to listen, to see and to just ‘be’. It’s so important to me that you know how beautiful you are as an individual. My vision is to inspire you to get in touch with who you truly are, your unique qualities, and learn to love yourself, baggage and all.

After a blissful moment at the end of a yoga class in 2009, Julie was inspired to sign up for Yoga Teacher Training at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts, and has since become certified in Yoga Nidra, an ancient, powerful meditation that she integrates with sound healing.
"By closing our eyes, we see."
Originally from the Midwest, Julie loves our sunny days and snow-free winters. She is determined to touch each continent at least once in her life.
Jennifer is a certified Life Coach specializing in women’s health and wellness. She is a graduate of Jon Kabat-Zinn’s Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction program and has been passionate about mindfulness for over fourteen years. After experiencing life altering benefits from her own personal mindfulness practice, Jennifer began teaching mindfulness meditation so that others could also learn to experience the benefits in their own lives.

“When we allow ourselves to release and let go, we return to who we are at the core and we are then able to get a taste of the inner peacefulness that is always there. The more that I practice mindfulness and tap into this inner beauty, the more I want to be in that state throughout my days."

Jennifer grew up in Fairfield, Connecticut and moved to Arizona seven years ago with her husband, their two teenage daughters, and their two miniature dachshunds.

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