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Sarah Crawford

Sarah Crawford, PhD, MC, LPC, has been practicing yoga for over 20 years. She is a Phoenix native who is also a Child and Family Therapist, a Parenting Coach, and an individual therapist for women with unresolved emotional trauma.

Sarah completed her 200 hour yoga teaching certification through Yoga Sivananda, where she spent 30 days living at their working ashram in the Bahamas. Through she didn’t identify with the physical practice offered by Sivananda, she thoroughly enjoyed and benefitted from studying ancient yogic philosophy and delving into study of the ancient yogic texts.

Sarah believes that inside of each person is a wholeness, no matter how dusty, dirty, or injured the outside may be. One of her life missions is to help people learn how find and experience this within themselves and to serve as a helper in healing and learning journeys.

When not working with individual clients or teaching or practicing yoga, Sarah enjoys traveling, spending time outside, reading, cooking, gardening, and exploring the wonders of nature.

Sarah Crawford instructs the following:
  • Yoga & Meditation for Emotional Balance
  • Explore the mind-body connection through guided meditation, basic yoga practice, and restorative poses. Learn to use the tools yoga offers to process and balance your emotions, calm your mind, and bring peace to your body.


    Part of being human includes experiencing strong feelings. Many times, these feelings rise, fall, and pass on their own. In times of heightened stress, the body may hold on to or store these emotions, and this can lead to ongoing stress, agitation, physical pain, fear, anger, or worry.

    In this class, you'll find a safe space to explore and be with whatever is happening in your inner or outer life. Through the use of breath, meditation, and movement, we'll process and release stored tension and learn how to live with more emotional balance and ease. We'll explore the mind-body connection and learn how to use the tools offered by the ancient practice of yoga to calm the mind, heal the body, and tune into inner wisdom and resiliency.

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