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Prem Vidu

Blessed to be raised by musical parents, Vidu grew up on the sweet sounds barbershop and dominant 7 chords. Always interested in the intention behind the music, life eventually guided his offering to prayer and devotion. Combining over 10 years of leading ceremony and 7 years of chanting and mantra practice, he shares his heart offerings merging Sanskrit chants with English lyrics. Expressing his devotion for Truth, Love, and the Joy of sharing voices in union.

Prem Vidu instructs the following:
  • Chant Class
  • Need a break from the matrix? Come share in the ancient practices of Bhakti Yoga: chanting, singing and silence. Softening and opening the heart, and soothing and stilling the mind are some of the main benefits. And its especially sweet when we share together.

  • Kirtan with The Band of Now
    Come join us for a sweet evening of singing divine names and prayers.
    Kirtan is a call and response style of singing based in the Bhakti yoga tradition. Stilling the mind, softening the heart, evoking joy, and dissolving seperateness are just some of the magical benefits of this ancient practice.
    It's just a sweet time in community. No experience necessary. Come join the band! $15 per person.
    Devotional singer Prem Vidu has been playing music and leading ceremonies and kirtans for 12 years.
    Now he offers his new songs merging Sankrit chants with English lyrics in a the call and response kirtan style tradition. Expressing his Devotion for Truth, Love & Joy.

    Regularly supported by these amazing space holding, prayer holding, heart offering musicians:
    Cassandra Wallick - Vocals & Percussion
    Rose Duncan - Vocals
    Dr. Carlos Santos - Bass & Vocals
    Dharma (Angela Fears) - Tabla


 New Student Special: 

1 Week Unlimited for $25*

*Classes only. Excludes workshops and series. Please contact us at 480.207.6016 for more information.

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Our Center is located in two separate buildings:

Building A | Main Registration & Classes

10309 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Building B | Special Events & Classes

10339 N. Scottsdale Rd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85253

Mon- Fri 9:00am - 1:30pm & 3 - 6pm
Saturday 9:00am - 1:30pm